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NPR Fresh Air Internet Brain & The Age of Overthinking

Netflix How to Become a Cult Leader

Discovery+ The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe documentary

Vice TV True Believers documentary series (episodes 2 & 4)

The David Pakman Show – Could You be Sucked Into A Cult? With Amanda Montell

BBC Radio 4 “Word of Mouth”Cultish Language

KERA “Think” – How Language Keeps Cults Together

WGN News Chicago – Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism

NPR: Wisconsin Public Radio Linguist Explores How Cults Gain Followers

WNYC “All Of It” – The Language of Fanaticism

RadioWest Amanda Montell On “The Language of Fanaticism”

KUOWHow to Rethink Gendered Insults 

Sex With Emily on SiriusXM Amanda Montell Is a Wordslut   

Amanda Montell


Kirkus starred review

“Montell’s take on how irrationality went mainstream is informed by erudite wit and an eye for telling images.”


“Reading The Age of Magical Overthinking feels like listening to your smartest friend give excellent advice. Hopefully, we’ll take it.”


“Refreshingly entertaining and informative…[Montell] exemplifies the power of compelling stories by employing her own memorable metaphors and disclosures as an invitation to consider more deeply what we choose to consume and share.”


“In her signature combination of wit and humor, Amanda Montell examines how society’s belief in magical thinking is more common than we might think.”


“Anyone who’s ever been trapped in their own head can find solace in Amanda Montell’s latest work.”


Booklist starred review

“Montell’s masterful translation of our need to belong will mesmerize.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Engaging… provocative… A fascinating, enthusiastic narrative on the loaded language of cults.”

The Atlantic

“Savvy, enlightening… Montell… is a breezy writer and an empathetic guide to the various corners of American subcultures.”

The Washington Post

“Engaging and fun to read, ‘Cultish’ offers plenty of jaw-dropping details about life inside cults. But the book isn’t all voyeuristic pleasure. As Montell teases out the universality of cultish influence, she upholds the humanity of the people who do get swayed.”

The Globe and Mail 

“Wildly compelling… absolutely fascinating.”


Kirkus Reviews

“Just the kind of sharp, relevant scholarship needed to continue to inspire the next generation of feminist thought.” 

Publisher’s Weekly

“Montell projects an infectious glee about linguistics and feminism, foregrounding both their fun and their cultural relevance. Readers seeking a fresh, intellectually stimulating take on feminism will enjoy this one.” 

The New York Times

“Her delivery is light and humorous … but the lesson is serious and cannot be overstated: In countless ways, gender affects how we talk and how others hear us.”

Time Magazine

“In sharp and energetic prose, Montell makes readable deep dives into vocabulary.” 

Harper’s Bazaar

“Amanda Montell’s uproarious, whip-smart guide to destigmatizing gendered language … [is] achingly relevant.” 


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Marie Claire (TAOMO) – Why We’re Obsessed With the Handmade

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