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Kirkus Reviews — 6/4/19

“Just the kind of sharp, relevant scholarship needed to continue to inspire the next generation of feminist thought.” 

Publisher’s Weekly — 5/22/19 

“Montell projects an infectious glee about linguistics and feminism, foregrounding both their fun and their cultural relevance. Readers seeking a fresh, intellectually stimulating take on feminism will enjoy this one.” 

Library Journal— 4/1/2019

"At its heart, this work reflects a tenet of sociolinguistic study: language is not divorced from culture; it both reflects and creates beliefs about identity and power." 

The New York Times — July 30, 2019

“Her delivery is light and humorous … but the lesson is serious and cannot be overstated: In countless ways, gender affects how we talk and how others hear us.”

New York Journal of Books 

Montell is entertaining, passionate, and widely read.” 

Manhattan Book Review — 10/2019

Wordslut is smart, evocative, and intelligently written, not to mention scathingly funny.” 

Time Magazine (print) — 6/3/2019

"In sharp and energetic prose, Montell makes readable deep dives into vocabulary."

Bust — July/August 2019 

“With humor and passion for the subject, and supplemented by fascinating asides, Montell illuminates the significance of dozens of words and linguistic habits.” 

Cosmopolitan — 5/2/19

“After you devour it in one sitting, you can whip out facts from its fascinating pages to shut down mansplainers at parties.” 

Marie Claire — 7/5/19

“Funny yet informative, Amanda Montell's debut will teach you how to deal with catcallers, the history of curses and every gender biased insult in between.“ 

Harper’s Bazaar — 4/18/20

“Amanda Montell’s uproarious, whip-smart guide to destigmatizing gendered language ... [is] achingly relevant.” 

Popsugar — 5/20/19

Wordslut is a nonfiction entry that is equal parts brash and highly entertaining, taking a deep look at how gendered language shapes who we are."

CNN— 7/26/19 

“You may find yourself rethinking your word choices once you wrap up this nonfiction superstar.” 

HypeBae — 5/6/19

"Do yourself a favor and pick through chapters such as 'Women Didn’t Ruin the English Language—They, Like, Invented It' or 'How To Confuse a Catcaller (And Other Ways To Verbally Smash the Patriarchy)' before heading into a meeting, a weird conversation, school, or, you know, general life."

The Adelaide Review —  6/17/19

Wordslut affirms a strong case for using vocabularies to verbally smash the patriarchy.”



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