“Why I’m Different”: Games of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel on Fame, Fear, and Her Iconic Hair (Byrdie)

A piece by Amanda Montell

It’s high noon on a Thursday in Downtown Los Angeles, the day after the Game of Thrones season-seven premiere party. There was dancing and champagne and beautiful British people, and 10 hours later, in the sober L.A. sun, Nathalie Emmanuel is still reeling. “I normally go to bed extremely early,” the actress tells me, shortly after arriving at L.A.’s Base Coat Nail Salon for our interview. “But they convinced me to stay out. The Game of Thrones cast likes to have a good time.”

Emmanuel plays the wise and mysterious Missandei in HBO’s blockbuster fantasy series. Several of the die-hard GOT fans I know have described her to me as “the babeliest babe.” They’re not wrong. Judging by the 28-year-old’s luminous skin, iridescent lilac eye shadow (from an “eight-year-old Urban Decay palette”), and signature coif of gravity-defying curls today, you’d never guess she’d been up until dawn, carousing alongside Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Rose Leslie. Yes, even killed-off characters get to celebrate. “Once you’re in the GOT family, you’re in for life,” Emmanuel says.

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